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 Virtual Assistants1 is your one stop shop for all of your office needs. When you need an executive assistant, administrative assistant, or legal assistant we are your solution. 

The biggest benefit to hiring a virtual assistant is the ability to delegate work to people who have excellent skills, and can do work a client doesn’t know how to do, doesn’t have time to do, or just doesn’t want to do.  The next big draw when considering a virtual assistant over bricks-and-mortar assistants is that virtual assistants only clock-in and work when the you need them,  and we use our own resources.  Whether it be filing or filling out important documents, researching necessary information,  managing business projects and more, I am here to assist your needs through a virtual aspect made easier for you.  Whatever can be accomplished in an office can be accomplished by a virtual assistant and her home office.  

Virtual Assistants1 is thrilled to announce that we are offering professional staffing for local office support, focusing exclusively on the temporary placement of secretarial, administrative, and executive support.  Please call us for details.  


Over two decades of “hands-on” experience has given us the diversity and expertise to realize the needs and “get-it-done” attitude demanded in a high paced environment. This "hands on" experience has enabled me to communicate on a technical level with my clients, to provide them with quality work, vast experience and expertise. Having this technical knowledge sets me apart from "generalist”.  I understand what is involved and required, and am therefore able to streamline my efforts and provide my clients with support that will meet or exceed all of their expectations."  

Christina earned her Bachelors of Science in Paralegal Studies  in 2014. She also has an Associates of Science in Respiratory Therapy, and an AA in Computerized Business.  


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